Short fiction! I’m reading more of it!


Got my hands today on The Book of Apex Vol. 4, and then came home to discover the new Asimov’s in the mail. I have resolved to read more short fiction this year, mostly because I enjoy short fiction yet never seem to read enough of it, and because it’s a good way to discover more authors (a novel, after all, is a bigger investment than a short story).

There is a Book of Apex Vol. 4 blog tour going on right now, and here’s the link to the list of posts.

My go-to short fiction places are Clarkesworld and Lightspeed magazines. Crossed Genres is another one. Subterranean Press Magazine publishes really good pieces as well. Do you have any magazines/zines/websites that you go to for your short fiction reading needs? Let me know.



    1. I also notice that if work gets really busy, I simply don’t have the time or the attention span for long works, so short fiction works very well.

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