Agonizing reading decisions: book pr0n edition

I sometimes feel that book bloggers like posting reading updates and TBR pile pictures because it helps keep madness in check. Writing about what I’m reading allows my mind to see books as concrete units, rather than as an endless sea of pages that is my living room floor. So here’s what occupies my hours when I’m not sleeping or associating with other humans:

0311141232No, I did not find it abandoned on the bench on the National Mall. I brought it with me. It was 70 degrees outside, which means it was actually possible to sit outside with a book and a sandwich (not pictured). Bookgroup reading for this Thursday, classic, etc., etc. Great stuff.

0311141907Halfway through (see what I did there) Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King. People tell me it’s marketed as YA. I think in Abercrombie’s world that means everyone is still stabbing (or backstabbing, rather) each other with pointy ends, but without swearing quite as much.

0311141908New Jo Walton! New Daryl Gregory! Apologies to the third author, whose name on the cover is written in scattered points in tiny font and therefore not visible here. Her name is Claire North, and her book sounds good. The Shining Girls is mentioned on the back, as is Life After Life. Sign me up.

0311141908aI’ll be honest, I don’t really read poetry in English (though I read it in Russian, and it’s interesting to ponder reasons why it works for me in one language but not the other). But I dearly, dearly need to know what poems make the following people cry (from the table of contents): Stephen Fry, Patrick Stewart (!), Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Solomon, J.J. Abrams, Colin Firth, and Tom Hiddleston (!!), among others.



    1. Endless punning! I find the characters in this one also to be a little bit less gray compared to his First Law books, for example.

    1. I think for me it’s because Russian is my native language, and there is obviously some kind of emotional connection to it. Fluency can’t explain it, since I’m equally fluent in both.

      Or maybe English is just too awkward for poetry. I can see how Japanese would work. My Japanese is not good enough for poetry, though.

  1. I truly am starting to believe everyone is posting about Half a King to remind me that I don’t have it and make me cry a little. Is there in fact a conspiracy to do this going around?

  2. Lord of Light is one of my favorites. I first read it for a college SF class many eons ago, then read it again two years ago, and still loved it. At some point I’m going to get around to his other books that poke at other religions.

  3. I have a copy of Lord of Light and attempted it back when I was finishing grad school and had no time for reading or a social life. Didn’t get very far, but I should probably give it another go sometime.

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