Short Story Sunday, 04.27.14: the eggs edition

Short fiction is great. Everybody should read more of it, including me. The best way to motivate myself to read more of it is to commit to blogging about short stories. Hence Short Story Sunday. I will read something short during the weekend and post about it. No rules, no theme. I might end up reading only one story, or an entire issue of some magazine. It might be new, or it might be from some forgotten anthology published in 1955.

1) Some time this week I decided to reread the entire Sherlock Holmes collection. I have happily made my way through The Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four, and I’m now on to Adventures.

A Scandal in Bohemia — it’s delightful. Part of its delight lies in the fact things happen as they are supposed to happen, and very smoothly too… until the very end. Is this the only case where Holmes gets outsmarted and thus does not get to resolve to his satisfaction? We shall see as the reread continues.

2) The Turkey Raptor by James Van Pelt in Asimov’s June 2014 issue. There is a persistent feeling of ‘not going to end well’ throughout this story. The reason is mostly that all parts of it are unstable and dangerous on their own. Yes, there is the raptor, and also high school kids, and bullies and victims.

lightspeed413) Observations About Eggs From the Man Sitting Next to Me on a Flight from Chicago, Illinois to Cedar Rapids, Iowa by Carmen Maria Machado. My favorite of the bunch this weekend. Because eggs! And because it was weird and funny and at the same time true (well, maybe not the part in point #7). Also, because it’s in Lightspeed and you can go read or listen to it right now.

I need to go boil some eggs.




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