Saturday done right

I have two excellent reasons for not writing any book reviews today and for skipping Short Story Sunday tomorrow.

The weather:


This morning involved a nice 6.5-mile run and then lounging on the grass for five hours, doing nothing but reading and snacking. Yes, I ran with snacks and books in my backpack. Thankfully, the books were small paperbacks:


By the way, I do and do not recommend reading these while in close contact with nature (e.g. on the grass in a wooded area). Also, I’m not sure I can interact with human beings anymore. I reread Annihilation and I’m well into Authority. The Vandermeer marathon (or, as someone on Instagram called it, Vandermeerathon) will continue tomorrow. Unless Area X that is my backyard devours me in my sleep. Something like that. Possible future scenario depicted here:



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