Running with books

I like running. I like books. Before oppressive heat of DC’s late summer descends upon us, I am combining both running and books in one. Here are the rules:

– I take a backpack I can run with, then pack it with water, snacks, and books. The trick to packing books is that mass market paperbacks or small trades like the Southern Reach books do best. Last Saturday I packed two books and finished one. I try not to be greedy, because I do have to run with whatever I decide to carry.

– In my case, I head for Rock Creek Park, which is closed to cars on weekends. Last Saturday I ran about 6.3 miles, then positioned myself on one of the campsites to read and snack.  I ran past pretty places:


– After a few hours of this bliss, I ran about a mile and a half to the National Zoo, said hi to a few animals, and then walked home (about 3 miles).

Yesterday I did 4.5 miles before my left leg decided it had enough. The rest of the afternoon looked like this:


This may become a weekly thing.



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