Rebuilding the TBR pile

There are times when I start five or so books and then get mired in a seemingly endless, yet completely unsatisfactory, readathon. I get busy and forget about three of those, and the other two turn out to be mediocre, or just not the books I want to read. I read two chapters of one and a few pages of the other. This goes on for days.

And so this is where we are now, with five books stuck in progress. It is clearly time to give up and rebuild the currently reading and TBR piles.

Here are the new candidates:


Reading decision was made for me by Tor with this shiny e-arc (the book is out January 2015)! I did not particularly like My Real Children, but Walton remains one of my favorite writers. Getting my hands on this is a cause for celebration. It involves time-traveling Pallas Athene, Apollo, and Sokrates, among others. Besides, I was just saying a few days ago how much I love deities in my SF.

Next is The Darkling Sea by James L. Cambias. I seem to recall reading good things about this one when it came out.


I think I am in the mood for a first contact story. I also enjoy weird aliens. I’m just a few pages in, and these appear to be crustacean, or at least have pincers.

And so as not to get carried away, I am going to stop at two.



    1. I can usually juggle multiple books pretty well. I think the problem is that this week has not been friendly to reading. If only someone paid me to sit and read.

  1. I am a slow reader, but I still “manage” to read several books in parallel. The novel I just finished took me 4 weeks. And I only started other books in that time span, not finish any. Soon my Currently Reading Pile will overtake my TBR pile…

  2. I almost forgot I have a copy of The Darkling Sea – maybe time to rebuild or revisit the TBR pile for me too. That one I’m very curious about, and from a couple of your tweets about it, I’m glad to see you seem to be finding it very interesting 🙂

  3. I just read Walton’s Tooth and Claw and loved it! I saw her not too long ago when she came to the Portland OR area to promote her new book, but she did mention how much she loved writing The Just City. I look forward to your review. I love deities too. Had fun recently with Sprague de Camp and Pratt’s “The Roaring Trumpet” from The Compleat Complete Enchanter, which played with Norse Mythology.

    1. Tooth and Claw was what got me into Jo Walton’s books. I figured if she could combine Trollope and dragons, she could do anything.

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