ARC pile demolition project, part 2

It is time for another ARC demolition project! I did one a couple of months ago with great success, and I am due for a repeated because this is how much my pile has increased just this week:


This is insane, although I do not feel particularly bad in this case, as on Monday I reorganized all my giant stacks of books and got rid of three giant boxes of literature that will either never be read or has been read and will not be reread.

We’ll see how it goes this time.


    1. ARCs are a great source of guilt. You know you failed when something you have in the ARC TBR pile comes out in paperback. Or, as one of my coworkers said, it’s even worse when you realize it is now out of print.

      1. ARCs stress me out. I don’t get a flood of them yet, what with a small blog and all, so I always fear that if I don’t promptly read and review, I won’t get any more. Then I see people who say things like, “My NetGalley completion rate is at 32%.” Maybe I shouldn’t worry.

  1. Good luck. I just did a reorganize. I didn’t get rid of anything, but I always find doing that reminds me of all the great things I have waiting for me and thus prevents me from going apeshit in the bookstore or requesting ARCs when really, I have all the good shit waiting for me at home already.

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