What to read while you wait for the next Game of Thrones book

If you are waiting for the next Song of Ice and Fire installment, I could recommend a whole slew of fantasy that is just as great and just as thick (and so will occupy you for some time). In fact, I normally do that when people come in looking for something in a similar epic vein. But here’s what you should really be reading:


I’m serious. This is a great example of incredibly absorbing history. Chapters end with cliffhangers. Backstabbing and power plays abound. Nobody is taking regular baths. It’s one of rare non-fiction books that I read in just a couple of sittings. I also just finished Jones’s next book, Wars Of The Roses (out October 14th). It’s a little bit less easy to digest than The Plantagenets, but not due to any fault of the author. It’s simply a messier time period (and you thought that weren’t possible). There are so many nobles fighting each other (plus there is usually more than one person who considers himself king), that it’s like a game of chess with many players, and all the players are cheating.

I seem to be on a non-fiction kick at the moment, so non-fiction is what you get. Don’t worry, my genre TBR pile is growing and will eventually drop something into my lap.


  1. Looks really interesting. Ever since I had to memorize the complete English monarchy from William the Conqueror to present, I’ve been obsessed with the monarchy, not necessarily the current soapy family, just the whole progenitor thing.

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