Return of a blogger

Once upon a time, this was a functioning blog. But, like most blogs, it didn’t endure. This was partly because I lost interest in many everyday things, including blogging. Partly it was because my laptop died and I’m only now getting around to replacing it.

Or maybe it was because this blog was mostly about genre, and I experienced what I call ‘genre fatigue’. I was uninterested in reading enough sci-fi and fantasy to produce meaningful content.

I realize now that I never really intended it to be purely a genre blog. I mean, look at the title. There’s ‘bending’ right in there. I wanted it to be about multiplicity of genre, within genre, beyond genre. Trans-genre, if you will.

And so I am tentatively resuming writing here, if only for myself. There will probably be fewer straight-out book reviews and more thoughts on reading and books in general, plus posts looking at a slew of books I’m reading at any given moment. There will probably be a wider range of book-related topics depending on my interests/current social climate/bookselling duties. It will be a better fit for my five-books-at-a-time self and hopefully a better fit for any readers out there.



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