Pretty snow, no books

I would like to say that I spent the entire time we were snowed in reading. Alas, as I had predicted, those of us who could make it to the store kept it running, if only for a few hours every day. No regrets, particularly since the neighborhood seemed to be grateful that we were open, but the reading time was not plentiful. And so instead of book thoughts, I give you some pretty snow pictures, #Snowgazi 2016 edition. There were some jokes made about how this is just a day that ends in ‘y’ for people in places like Canada, but come on, this was a pretty good snowstorm even by Canadian standards. It clocked in at around 29 inches at Baltimore, 26 at Dulles Airport, and a few people unofficially measured between 25-29 inches here in DC. So yeah, that’s not little, even if you’re in Moscow. Basically we got all of winter, all at once.

This is where I want to get a troika and ride down the streets:

Where we live now (under this bush):

Backyard looking like it’s part of Finland or Russia and giving me all kinds of joy:

I did start Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen, and I got to the snowy part of it just as our snow stopped.

Back to work tomorrow (most of DC is still unable to get around, Metro is spotty and streets aren’t very clear).



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