Short Story Sunday, 1/24

Almost forgot to send out this little weekly post. Somewhat slow week for short story reading, and being unable to read much during #Snowgazi did not help, either. But some reading was accomplished despite daily life, so here’s top three short stories for this week (out of six read), with links where applicable:

26 Monkeys And Also The Abyss by Kij Johnson. This one is from 2008, and I read it in her collection At The Mouth Of The River Of Bees. I am yet to read a short story by Kij Johnson that I don’t like or that doesn’t just disturb my mind and soul. This one is not disturbing, it’s a little bit whimsical and also bittersweet.

Returned by Kat Howard (Nightmare Magazine #28, January 2015). I love the structure and the ending of this gorgeous version of the Orpheus myth. Howard’s short fiction is beautiful, but I am also very excited that she has a novel coming out later in 2016 called Roses and Rot.

How the God Auzh-Aravik Brought Order to the World Outside the World by Arkady Martine (Strange Horizons, January 2016). The words in this one, the words. The images. Amazing.


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