reading resolutions

Reading resolutions

I can’t possibly resolve to read more. I will have to either quit my job or stop sleeping. But while that option is out, I can resolve to read differently.

I don’t want to make resolutions like ‘I will only read women authors’. Instead, I think my resolutions should be more like ‘I will read fewer/none white straight cis dudes’. Because I can resolve to read only women authors, but should I not also read gender-nonconfirming/non-binary/trans folks? Let us not make our reading resolutions binary.

I want to read more POC authors. I read a bunch in 2015, but not nearly enough (especially given how much I read).

I want to read more speculative fiction. It’s my original love, and it’s been somewhat neglected in 2015.

I want to read more short stories.

And yes, I will be doing Read Harder challenge 2016.

We’ll see how this works. We’ll also see how this works with whatever ARCs and galleys publishers throw at me.


Short fiction! I’m reading more of it!


Got my hands today on The Book of Apex Vol. 4, and then came home to discover the new Asimov’s in the mail. I have resolved to read more short fiction this year, mostly because I enjoy short fiction yet never seem to read enough of it, and because it’s a good way to discover more authors (a novel, after all, is a bigger investment than a short story).

There is a Book of Apex Vol. 4 blog tour going on right now, and here’s the link to the list of posts.

My go-to short fiction places are Clarkesworld and Lightspeed magazines. Crossed Genres is another one. Subterranean Press Magazine publishes really good pieces as well. Do you have any magazines/zines/websites that you go to for your short fiction reading needs? Let me know.