This is Genrebending 2.0. I hold no illusions about my level of interest or involvement in blogging. It comes and goes. I write about things I’m reading, with occasional reviews and posts about all things bookish. Or bookish and personal. I see and talk about my life through books. I care most about: fiction of all kinds (and with a special place for speculative fiction), queer lit/non-fiction, graphic novels and comics, non-fiction on diverse topics, poetry, mythology (the original fiction), and drama. That said, I read widely and would like to read more widely still.

D.C. via Moscow, Toronto, Miyoshi-cho (now Miyoshi-shi, in the middle of Shikoku island), and New York.

All posts are mine, all opinions are mine, unless otherwise stated.

You can follow me on Twitter @genrebending (I’m much funnier there).

I am an indie bookseller, so I am very much pro-independent bookstores and booksellers. As someone who likes to ambush unsuspecting people in the sci-fi section and thrust amazing books into their hands, let me just say that indie booksellers are much better than Amazon at telling you what you should read next. Or first, as the case may be. So shop at your brick-and-mortar neighborhood place, or find the website for the one near-ish to you and order there.


  1. Just thotzNideers while
    you work on your next
    best seller, dear:

    Im so fully ready to die now
    (Im a Near Death Experiencer):
    to live! love! exponentially!
    to VitSee-harmony for eternity!!
    to RITE with a passion 999×999+
    nonillion novels in ♡OUR♡
    exalted, extravagant excess!!!

    Are you? If you aint, miss gorgeous,
    why donchoo make like a choochoo
    and high-tail it into Seventh-Heaven
    so we can eternally party-hardy, girl:

    Our blogOramma speaks volumes -IF-
    ya gotta lotta primordial moxie as in:
     ‘dunno. dijoo wannum? gotta lotta
    nadda unless youse believe’
    (skuze d’New Joisey accent):


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