Reviews by author

Addison, Katherine: The Goblin Emperor

Atwood, Margaret: In Other Worlds

Ball, Jesse: A Cure for Suicide

Ballard, J. G.: High-rise

Barry, Kevin: Beatlebone

Bennett, Robert Jackson:

Boyden, Joseph: The Orenda

Brussolo, Serge: The Deep-Sea Diver’s Syndrome

Butcher, Jim:

Cambias, James L.: A Darkling Sea

Castle, Mort: The Shadow Show (editor)

Cherryh, C. J.: Downbelow Station

Crabapple, Molly: Drawing Blood

Frank, Matthew Gavin: Preparing The Ghost

Gladstone, Max: Three Parts Dead

Goss, Theodora: In the Forest of Forgetting

Gregory, Daryl: Afterparty

Higgins, Peter: The Wolfhound Century

Hill, Joe: Locke And Key

King, Stephen: Revival

Kowal, Mary Robinette: Shades of Milk And Honey and Glamour in Glass

Lynch, Scott: Lies of Locke Lamora

Lynn, Elizabeth: A Different Light

Mar, Alex: Witches of America

McBee, Thomas Page: Man Alive

Miéville, China: Three Moments of an Explosion

Morgan, Richard: The Steel Remains

Morrow, James: Madonna And The Starship

Ness, Patrick: The Crane Wife

Paull, Laline: The Bees

Pohl, Frederik: All The Lives He Led

Pomerantsev, Peter: Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible

Rodriguez, Gabriel: Locke And Key

Rowell, Rainbow: Carry On

Scalzi, John: Redshirts

St. John Mandel, Emily: Station Eleven

Sylvester, Simon: The Visitors

Theroux, Marcel: Strange Bodies

Thompson, Sue Ellen: They

Valente, Catherynne M.: Radiance

Valentine, Genevieve: The Girls At the Kingfisher Club

Vance, Jack: The Dying Earth

Walton, Jo:

Watkins, Claire Vaye: Gold Fame Citrus

Weller, Sam: The Shadow Show (editor)

Wendig, Chuck: Mockingbird

Yu, Charles: Sorry Please Thank You

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